Product Description

ProX XT-FLEXTOTEM TV – Flex Totem TV™- Adjustable Height Totem
3ft to 6ft W/Folding Steel Base Plate, 55″ LED TV Mount, Scrims and
Speaker Stud


TV™ Package will make your performance setup stand out in a unique
way. The innovative Flex Totem is a complete package to create a single
mount for a TV Monitor, video displays, DJ lights, speakers and various
other display uses.  The top can be used for moving heads,
lighting, monitors or speakers while still displaying the TV or use
without TV mount.  This is the stage podium you have been waiting for!

This package comes with everything you need to make a podium stand
from 3 Ft. To 6 Ft. in 12″ increments.  Unlike other adjustable stands
that use wing nuts to change the height of the stand, the ProX FlexTotem
TV™  is adjusted for height instantly by squeezing our specially
designed Ergo™ (Patent Applied For) internal adjusting mechanism, which
releases all four locks at once, with one hand while easily moving the
top to the height you prefer with the other.  Black and white scrims
with zippered openings for the included Universal TV mount are
included.   Tidy up the look with the black scrim sleeve or up-light the
white scrim sleeve for custom color effects. This package also includes
a variant of the ProX exclusive XT-SSTM3260 Universal TV Mount for up
to 55″ video displays.   Perfect for any disc jockey or production
company for stage or display needs. The FlexTotem TV™ stand can be used
with or without the TV mount. 

The FlexTotem TV™ is finished with a white
powder-coated finish for good looks and durability.  The 24″ X 24″ base
plate folds for convenient transport in the included ProX Sturdy Bag
along with the other components. The baseplate has multiple mounting
points so that the totem can be centered on the base plate or offset to
the back for use with TVs.  The 12″ X 12″ top plate has a center hole
for the included speaker post and mounting slots on 2 edges for mounting
moving heads or another lighting.  No tools are required for assembly. 
The entire package fits compactly into the included padded transport
bag with loaded dimensions of 5.5″ Thick, 14.5″ tall and 41″ long and
weighing approximately 50 lbs. 

WARNING! These included scrim products are for
temporary use ONLY and NOT for permanent installation. Keep away from
open flames, sparks, direct heat or any type of electrical fixtures and
outlets. ProX Live Performance Gear is not responsible for any bodily
injury or property damaged caused by misuse of this product. Scrims can
be machine washed and air-dried only. Do not use harsh chemicals or
chlorine bleach. Factory fire retardant loses effectiveness with washing
and over time. Re-treat as needed.

FlexTotem TV™ & Ergo™ are Trademarks of Xstatic Pro, Inc. dba ProX Live Performance Gear® 2016-2019 Design Copyright© 2019


  • No tools required for assembly
  • Use with or without TV Mount
  • Ergo™ Quick-release Adjusting Mechanism (Design Copyright 2018 – ProX Live Performance Gear®)
  • Both Top and Base Plate have integrated carry handles
  • Compact package for transport 5.5″ thick, 14.5″ tall and 41″ long, 50lbs

Package Includes:

  • (2) Adjustable FlexTotem TV™ Side Sections
  • Ergo™ Adjusting Mechanism (Patent Applied For)
  • (1) Universal TV Mount
  • (1) 12″ x 12″ Top Plate
  • (1) Speaker Mount Stud for 12” Top Plate
  • (1) 24″ x 24″ Folding White Base Plate
  • (2) Truss Sleeves in Black and White with storage bag
  • (1) Soft Bag for Transport
  • All Assembly Hardware

To Fit


12.00″L x 12.00″W x 72.00″H
Weight: 49.00 lbs