Product Description

FaitalPRO’s 18HP1030 18″ professional subwoofer features 1,200 watts of RMS power handling thanks to a 4″ diameter voice coil on a glass fiber former. A cast aluminum eight-spoke frame reduces rear reflections and increases basket strength, while the triple roll treated polycotton surround maintains linearity during heavy excursion. The vented backplate lowers voice coil temperatures.

For an extended frequency response and reduced distortion, the 18HP1030 employs an aluminum demodulation ring on top of the pole piece to reduce inductance down to a low 1.48 mH. 12.45 mm of Xmax on tap allows you to use this woofer in vented cabinets that are tuned very low. Made in Italy.


  • Can handle 1,200 watts aes & 2,400 watts program power

  • Patent pending thermal system exchange design for air bending & cooling

  • Features a high efficiency of 98db spl & a high 12.45mm xmax for a strong tight bass

  • Works in extreme outdoor conditions thanks to its’ waterproof cone & wide operating temperature range from -40c to +120c

  • Aluminum demodulation ring helps keep a flat response across its’ frequency range

  • Designed for high power ported (bass reflex) subwoofer speaker cabinets

  • Available in 4 or 8 ohms