Ape Labs Stick Stick Set of 4 2x PSU, 2x 2-Way Splitters, 1x Remote

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Ape Labs

Ape Labs Stick Stick Set of 4 2x PSU, 2x 2-Way Splitters, 1x Remote

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24.4 inch Quad Color Tube, Wide Angle, NiMH Battery Installed

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Product Description

These wide angle tubes can wash a room, accent an object, or provide incredible eye-candy!


RGBwW LEDs (all RGB colors + warm white)
Wide Angle Wash Effect
Wash Bar with Magnetic Brackets for Simple Setup
Used Under a Bar, Above a Table, Inside a Truss
Additional Accessories Available

100% Made in Germany
3-Year USA Warranty
3,000ft Wireless DMX Range
100ft Wireless Remote Control Range
Compatibility: All Ape Labs Fixtures Play Nice with Each Other
MusikMode: One Button Creates an Intelligent Music Light Show (not the “sound active” youโ€™re used to!)
Control via DMX, RF Remote, or Smartphone (Android or iOS)
Groupable: Simplified Programming with DMX-Like Results
Built-in Presets, Dimmable, Adjustable Speed, Independent or Grouped MusikMode, DMX Modes (3Ch, 4Ch, 8Ch)
All Metal Housing
Easy, Efficient, Elegant 

The Ape Labs Stick is a battery-powered wash bar LED fixture that can be used for short throw applications or effect lighting.  Use it by itself or group multiple fixtures together to effectively create a much more powerful fixture.  You use these these fixtures under a bar, above a table, inside a truss, or any other unique short-throw application.  Easily carry 10 of these fixtures together in the lightweight charging case.

The Ape Labs Stick is powered by a bult-in NiMH battery pack.  You can either plug these units in directly to a wall with an Ape Labs PSU, Ape Labs 12-Way PSU or Ape Labs Stick Charging Case.  These fixtures are water resistant and totally splash proof.

Weighing just about 1-lb and featuring built-in wireless control, these fixtures make it super easy to take on the road.  The battery life on each fixture will easily give you lighting for a full gig since a full charge warrants 8 hours or more of power.

All Ape Labs products can be controlled wirelessly by the ApeRemote, W-App, or W-Ape. One remote can control an unlimited number of fixtures and set any light to any group for DMX-Like control on a simple nine button remote. For more advanced controls, the W-App offers an intuitive experience creating scenes and shows thru the iOS or Android app. For even more options, Ape Labs fixtures can be controlled via wireless DMX (with either the W-App or W-Ape).

NOTE: This fixture does not have on-board controls so an ApeRemote, W-App, or W-Ape is required to control the fixture. Buying the โ€œsoloโ€ option does not include a controller.

Size: Length = 24.4 inches / Diameter = 1.0 inch
Stainless Steel Mounting Sheets: 2.0 x 1.1 inches
Weight: 1.1 lbs

Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 6 in
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Ape Labs Stick Stick Set of 4 2x PSU, 2x 2-Way Splitters, 1x Remote

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