Pioneer DJ Releases Two New Models Of XPRS Series Speakers

Pioneer has announced the addition of two models to the XPRS Series of compact active speakers: the XPRS10 two-way full range speaker, and the XPRS115S single 15-inch subwoofer.

The compact, portable wooden-enclosure XPRS Series offers a plug-and-play system that fills the room with a natural sound. The versatile speakers are ideal for live sound, mobile DJs, places of worship, rental and fixed installations.

Key Features of the XPRS10:

1. High-performance drivers deliver a powerful, full range sound
The XPRS10 uses a high-grade ferrite 10-inch LF driver and a 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver to reproduce a clean, full range sound with low distortion even at high outputs. The newly designed compact horn sounds bright and clear.

2. Four EQ modes for a variety of musical genres and environments
A rotary selector switch on the back of the XPRS10 give instant access to four EQ modes which enable the speaker’s performance to be tweaked for different applications:
• Flat: neutral production of the source audio
• Bass +: amplifies the bass for dance music events
• Speech: produces clear vocal sounds for seminars and speeches
• Wedge: reduces the low frequencies to give a more balanced sound when the speaker is used as a floor monitor

3. Wedge shape and pole mount socket with tilt for a choice of three positions
The XPRS10 speakers are wedge shaped, making them ideal floor monitors. The pole mount socket can be set to straight or tilted to 7 degrees to direct the sound exactly where it’s needed.

4. Multiple inputs and outputs for flexible, easy set-up
The speakers have two balanced XLR/TRS combo sockets and an unbalanced RCA connection, so a MIC and other external devices can be connected at the same time – including using an AUX cable to connect and play directly from portable audio players, line-level mixers and tablets/smartphones. Each input can be controlled individually or using the master controls for lines one and two. Plus, two balanced XLR through output terminals enable easy connection to other speakers and subs.

Key Features of the XPRS115S:

1. 15-inch LF driver produces quick response and rich low end
The durable, high-quality 15-inch LF driver and slanted baffle deliver tight, rich, and powerful low frequencies similar to those produced by the XPRS215S dual 15-inch subwoofer.

2. Crossover and Phase switches deliver instant control of DSP settings
The Crossover switch allows for quick and easy adjustment of the cut-off frequency of the low pass filter, with a choice between 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz and 150Hz. The phase switch gives a choice of positive or negative polarity and prevents multiple subwoofers cancelling each other out.

3. Multiple inputs and outputs for flexible, easy set-up
The XPRS115S has two balanced XLR/TRS combo sockets for connecting two devices at the same time. Dual balanced XLR through output terminals enable easy connection to other speakers and subs.

4. Removable castors
Castors on the back of the cabinet take the hard work out of transit and set-up.

The new XPRS speakers will be available mid-October. For more information, watch our Pioneer’s introductory video below.

What DJs Can Learn from the Cruise Line Industry

he cruise line industry and the DJ business are cousins — if not siblings. Both have two key components: selling and entertaining. Therefore, they’re both in business to sell entertainment.
Mobile vet Adam Weitz will take this idea and expand on it when he moderates “Lessons from the Cruise Ship Industry” at the DJ Expo, which runs Aug. 14-17 in Atlantic City, N.J.

“This seminar is really all about sales,” says Weitz, who operates A Sharp Production in Huntingdon Valley, Pa. “What is your bottom line and what can you do to increase that bottom line by what you offer and when you offer it?”

We asked Weitz to expand on a couple points that he’ll be covering in his seminar.

What can a DJ learn from a sales specialist in the cruise line industry?
This side of the industry teaches your team to be prepared, have everything in a certain order and procedure for each client, and can help with selling on needs — then there’s the spiral upward of other options and offers to go with those ideas over time.

How does the cruise line industry compare to the DJ industry?
Sales and entertainment are the two branches we will focus on for the DJ Expo, and that’s what cruise lines are in business to do — to sell entertainment. From the moment you set foot off the marina and into the place where they sign an agreement and bring you on board, there are items that are for sale to the left and right of you. As clients walk into your office (or the marina) and you reserve their talents with the basics, the big question is what now? What is the next step and when is it coming?

They use team planners. How?
The cruise director is the head of sales for that client, he/she sends the client to different goods and services that the client needs. What they need and when they need it is all part of the proper formula for increased sales. Picture your sales team, and each is selling a different division.

What insights can we get from a headliner entertainer in the cruise line industry?
We’ll talk about that, too. It’s a benefit that they also work on long-term agreements, and for which time talent is expected to perform according to their agreement, which usually includes promoting the brand label. We’ll talk about how the clothes they wear helps deliver the message…

How does the “Minimum to Book” idea correlate to the DJ business?
For any cruise, some guests pay top dollar. Most get deals through packages or agents and some, of course, wait until last minutes and get the gold! No matter what they get, you want to try and get them anything small to start or minimum money out of pocket to entice them to commit to a signed agreement, which revolves around ideas I have heard from different companies that we’ll talk about that I think really work well.

How does “continual marketing” work?
Sales is supposed to be sending out blasts. Forget the call, no millennial wants to hear from you in-person when it comes to all the upgrades. Just make certain that your client gets the right message so you can target their upgrades, instead of overwhelming them with constant services you provide that have nothing to do with them. That’s when they start to tune you out.

Electric Zoo: The 6th Boro Reveals Official Afterparty Lineup

As many of you know by now, the party doesn’t stop following Electric Zoo. With Electric Zoo: The 6th Boro only two weeks away, it’s officially time that we start planning our afterparty schedule!

Electric Zoo has officially announced the list of afterparties that will be taking place at 637 W 50th St (formerly Space Ibiza NYC) and Output throughout the weekend with tickets only being available for Electric Zoo ticket holders.

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Reveals Lineup For 2017

The word is out, Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival will be returning to locations throughout Brooklyn October 12-14, 2017!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of this forward thinking curation and innovative programming event so it should come as a surprise to no one that they aim to go bigger and better than ever.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become DJ Expo’s Entertainer of the Year?

Held Aug. 16 at Boogie Nights in The Tropicana, the event will see DJ/entertainers compete and win prizes in a variety of categories, including the prestigious “Entertainer of the Year.” Prizes for the winner include a Chauvet DJ FXpar 9 multi-effect lighting fixture and a pair of brand-new Electro-Voice loudspeakers that will debut at DJ Expo – stay tuned for details!

Want to compete in DJ Expo’s “Entertainer of the Year” event? Get your game together and contact event host Darryl “Jake” Jacobsen (of Affair 2 Remember Entertainment): Get in the game and take home big prizes!

For more information regarding DJ Expo and to purchase tickets, visit

Skrillex Returns With “Would You Ever” Featuring Poo Bear

Only days after the electronic dance community began anticipating the release of Skrillex’s latest collaboration following a tweet from Poo Bear confirming the rumors, “Would You Ever” has finally been released for the world to enjoy.

Skrillex first connected with Bieber’s longtime songwriter during the handful of studio sessions with the Canadian superstar that birthed “Where Are Ü Now” and the rest is pretty much history.

“Would You Ever” is an upbeat, feel-good tune that is going to be the anthem that closes out summer ’17. Poo Bear’s soulfully rich vocals and Skrillex’s impeccable sound design compliment each other flawlessly resulting in an infectious record that anyone can enjoy. Plus, this is Poo Bear’s official debut as an artist, talk about making quite the first impression.

This release serves as just the second from the OWSLA mastermind in 2017 following his successful collaboration with Habstrakt, “Chicken Soup” which was released back in May.

REZZ Unveils Latest Album Single, “Premonition” Featuring Knodis

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the release of REZZ’s highly anticipated debut album and for all the right reasons. The uber-talented Canadian producer has made a name for herself with her mysterious, hard-hitting industrial bass style of production and is living up to all the buzz surrounding her name following the release of Mass Manipulation‘s first two singles.

With the eagerly awaited release of Mass Manipulation only two weeks away. electronic fans received the third album single, “Premonition” featuring mystery producer, knodis.

Jauz Continues To Celebrate Shark Week Releasing Another Freebie

Ahh Shark Week, the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do we have the finest shark programming television has to offer all week-long, but we also have plenty of new music to listen to thanks to Jauz.

The bass house enthusiast has always been one to get into the spirit of Discovery Channel’s annual event giving away some freebies to his loyal “shark squad.” However, this year he has taken this to the next level. Following the release of his remix of Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO TOUR Llif3” and his explosive bootleg of Skrillex’s remix of “International,” he’s giving away everything he’s got (and a few unreleased goodies) to one lucky fan.

Mastering the Art of Connecting

Small business owners, like mobile entertainers, are faced with a new and complex challenge in targeting and communicating with new clients. The increased mobility of written communication has dramatically changed the way we present our value proposition, engage clients in conversation and attract new business.

The art of communicating in our increasingly mobile society has set the stage for all new rules of written dialog, meaning shorter and more effective delivery of messages

Sales are not solely driven by inquiries through the Internet, but, rather, by what we develop within our network, via direct and indirect referrals. For any business owner, walking into a crowded room of wedding vendors and feeling lost or out of place can be challenging. The majority of DJs that I’ve encountered at networking events feel compelled to do the following when introduced to another business person: “Impress strangers by reciting their resume.”

The initial acceptance of new introduction is because of a person’s warmth, as conveyed by eye contact, a warm expression and a smile — not because of perceived competence.

Three types of groups often emerge at networking events:

Loud and Laughing, sharing private jokes and memories of the past.
Tight Group, talking intently and trying to solve pressing problems. These are the toughest groups to break into.
Loose Group, often muddling along in conversation, and is mostly likely to welcome a newcomer and your best opportunity to gain new connections.
Once you, as the newcomer, are welcomed, you need to be prepared to think about things you want to learn and those you are looking to meet. Get in a mindset so you’re prepared to listen to others to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to connect, to learn and bond with those that can help your business.

Quickly identify opportunities to “give business” rather than “get business.” To do this, be willing to offer knowledge — even to competitors, as this will develop a level of trust and professionalism to those you connect with.

You are at a networking event to help others with resources or introductions as well. A successful networking event is when you can provide more introductions than the number of business cards you can collect.

Reconnecting after a networking event should not be a sales event. Rather, it’s an opportunity to develop further a relationship with those that will continue to help build your business. Just as you are changing your strategies for communicating with new clients, the same now holds true for communication with other business professionals, as they, too, are now reading on mobile devices.

CHAUVET DJ Now Distributing SoundSwitch

The entertainment lighting powerhouse Chauvet & Sons LLC has announced that they have reached an agreement with New Zealand-based Onesixone Ltd to have CHAUVET DJ distribute the SoundSwitch hardware/software package in North America as well as throughout much of the world. This deal marks a game-changing control solution which will allow DJs to trigger and keeps their lighting in sync while playing any track.

DJs will now be able to attach lighting cues to their audio tracks and video files which will allow them to automatically play back in sync while performing live from the mixing or controller board. SoundSwitch is compatible with any DJ mixing board or controller equipped with Serato DJ. ”Chauvet CEO Albert Chauvet described their groundbreaking agreement as a game changer, “SoundSwitch puts the total show experience under the control of the DJ by seamlessly integrating DMX lighting with live audio.”

Tips How To Use Instagram To Help Your DJ Profile

DJs are finding various levels of success generating gigs through Instagram and here are some tips on how too!

  • #Hashtags – Sharing content using hashtags will target the audience that you want to reach .
  • Build a portfolio to show future clients ! it is very important to captivate your audience interest in you!
  • DM – Direct Messaging is also a very essential tool ! You Can get in contact with future clients , network , & Ect.!! Its the new age of emailing!

How To Succeed At DJing



What DJ Software Is Best For You ?

Serato DJ 

  • Virtual Decks
  • Colored Waveforms
  • Full DVS Support
  • REC & Sampler
  • Midi Support
  • Powerful FX

Rekordbox DJ

  • Enhanced track browsing
  • REC & Sampler & FX
  • Colored Waveforms
  • Playlist Editing
  • Mix mode to audition tracks for mixes

Traktor DJ

  • REC & Sampler
  • Looping
  • 40 Effects
  • Plus 1 knob macro control
  • Waveforms

Virtual DJ

  • Sandbox
  • Sampler
  • Waveforms
  • Browser
  • Effects
  • Editors

Best Digital Controllers Under A $1000 Dollars!

Looking for a controller that does the job! And saves you money ! Here Are a few options :

  • Numark NS7III.
  • Pioneer DDJ-SX2 and DDJ-RX *
  • Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2.
  • Reloop Terminal Mix 8.
  • Numark MixTrack Platinum.
  • Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3.
  • Reloop BEATMIX4.
  • Pioneer DDJ-SB2.
  • Denon MC 7000
  • Pioneer DDJ-SR

TOP 5 Djs Of 2017

1.David Guetta

2.Calvin Harris


4.Martin Garrix


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How To Be A Mobile Entertainer Master!

Communication Matters And Listening Also!

During your consultation with your clients let your clients talk without you interrupting. You need to understand the vision that they have. Its your job to guide them and make it happen.

Feedback Is Valuable To Your Company 

Its very important to get information directly from your customers. That way you can use that to find out where your weakness are and where your strength are.

First Impression & Last Impressions

A first impression is important because it will stay in your clients mind. The last impression is as important as the first impression also because it too stays in a clients memory. Think about follow-ups , Thank you cards, small gestures like these make them feel appreciated. Remember the final impression may be the one that gets you the referral!

Important Business Key Notes For Mobile Djs

When it comes to creating a plan for sales and marketing for your business it can be overwhelming at times when you don’t really know how to. So here are some key points that can make your planning a lot easier.

  • Interact with your community 

Go to local organizations that provide business networking opportunities

  • Choose to give discounts wisely 

When you set your price on your services based on your budget you can set an occasional discount . It will not have significant impact but on the long run it can Impact your profits quickly will give you negative cash position out your business. Often we are more focused on winning the sale without evaluating it first.

  • Give out helpful Information 

Make sure the content you update on your website and other social platforms are relevant. Try to give out helpful TIPS, HINTS, REVIEWS and other info to help you drive sales.

  • Stay creative 

To get new potential customers to notice your business pick new ideas every week or two no matter how small or big it is. Call a meeting with your stuff and brainstorm! These tactics will pay in sales and more satisfied customers.

The Future Of DJing

We are now at a time where drastic changes in DJ technology is happening .What does that mean? It means that there are always interesting new innovative controllers always being designed to take us to that next futuristic level. 

Its very exciting to see where we are now and how far along we have come from the two turntable and mixer era. And it  definitely served many DJs for decades very well . It continues to be and artistic pursuit that provides transformational experiences for many people. DJ software today has relatively decent auto-mixing but we are still a long way from replacing a real live DJ . But do we really want that ? wouldn’t it change the whole culture of it and lose the artistic touch and become a “robotic” generation. Finally we can all agree that there is something magical when people interact with each other through music .

Different ways to promote yourself as a DJ 

DJs always look like they have the coolest jobs! But just like any occupation without hard work and effort your DJ career won’t really be where you’ve want it to be . And here are a few tips on how you can promote yourself and increase your following.

  1. Make your own website
  2. Social networks
  3. Choose different platforms to promote your mixes





Important tip to know ALWAYS stay connected and be consistent with your promoting .


Stop Guessing What Music To Play For Your Events!

Feeling Pressured when you have an event and your not sure what music to play because your not sure what your client might like. Today`s couples want more control over what music is being played at their wedding or event. They want to hear the music they love but also the music that there guest might like also. They truly just want their guest have a great time. Which should be your goal as a DJ. Here are a few tips to make your DJ life easier!

  1. Always make sure you take your time to ask your client about their music preferences before there event.
  2. Have different ways to collect there info.
  3. Be Sure to ask questions and prepare for the event the best you can.

Looking and being professional about how detailed you are when preparing for and event you will have endless clients flock to you !

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